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How to detect malicious WordPress Php and Javascript code?

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Viruses are increasingly common on web pages. Malicious codes that are entered in the headers, in the PHP and Javascript codes, thus in the wordpress themes and plugins that we use. Over the years we have been getting used to viruses in our system and to always having an antivirus installed. However all modern antivirus systems are able detect only broadly used malicious wordpress code that damages Windows or Linux or other OS system files. Unlikely your antivirus will detect JS trojan, encrypted keyloggers and ransomwares that can be integrated to WordPress tool files with ease.

Symptoms of the malicious code attack on WordPress:

The symptoms that are perceived in this type of hack are mainly these:

  • Advertisements appear in the “Popup” format on all pages.
  • A box appears at the top right or left where it says “Deny” or “Allow” in any case, it opens more ad windows – aesthetically it may seem like a browser warning to deceive the user.
  • Slowness of your website, you notice that it is very slow when browsing or editing your website.
  • There are users in your WordPress that you did not create or not registered
  • New posts and pages that you did not created. Oftenly this materials contain links to barely legal content such as Gambling, Adult, Nutra, Drugs, Online Casino, Violence etc.
  • Existing content modification and your links url destination changes. Redirects and new links may appear in your own posts and pages. There is commonly used WordPress SQL infections method.

This often leads to despair and frustration and is also followed by discouragement from continuing to work on web improvements. So, it is advisable to download and use tools and software from Devtools Club and protect your WordPress site. The Modern Cybercrim techniques do not require direct contact with the victim.WordPress Web developers and users have to apply all available methods and technology to minimize the risks.

What can you do to detect WordPress viruses and malwares?

You have a series of plugins that you can install on your website to detect this malicious code and be prevented from possible attacks.

Antivirus and security plugins

This WordPress plugin Wordfence helps you find anomalies in your theme or template and remove that type of content. Thanks for your antivirus. If you have it running, when accessing a page that tries to inject some kind of virus into your website, it will usually notify you of what is happening and ask you to confirm if you want to access that site. iThemes Security Pro plugin detects changes in your files, performs Malware Scan, prevents Brute Force attacks, Sql and Xss injections and more. The pro features add extra security layer such as control passwords, manage schedules, file comparison and Two-Factor Authentication.

Security Scan

Offers you a series of tools that detect malicious code and help you find the files where it is located.

You also have many websites where just by adding the URL of your website they will analyze it for free to see if you have any malicious code on any site.

They are usually free but they will always try to sell a professional option. You just have to do a search in Google or another search engine to find the different options. Devtools Club recommends use VirusTotal platform to scan each theme and plugin, no matter where you getted it.

Notifications from the users

Also, your users can notify you of what they have detected. Most Mac users don’t have an antivirus installed so they don’t know if something is going on their website until the worst-case scenario occurs.

That is why they usually receive notifications from their visitors who receive this notification on their screens when accessing the web.

Finally, Google usually blocks access to pages with malicious content. This is the worst case since for the page to be unblocked without the unattractive message it offers us, we would have to ask Google for reconsideration and indicate the steps we have followed so that our website is not infected. You can Report a suspicious site for analysis by netcraft malware and phishing classification system.

If you are looking for genuine and reliable tools or software, you can check out them on Devtools Club Marketplace.

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