Why it is important to support Free software Foundation?

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Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit corporation that promotes the use and development of free technologies and software that are used in businesses, schools and homes. This organization was set up by Richard Stallman, an American computer programmer, in 1985 for the promotion of free PC programs or open-source software which can be changed and shared freely. FSF has its base of operations in Boston, MA. Find out why it is essential to support FSF.

To promote development of ethical communication tools

If you are a champion of free software, it is important to support the great work of FSF. This is particularly essential in modern times, when more and more users are trying to do everything to promote the development of ethical software applications for communication purposes. Thus, it is a good idea to donate in FSF or join it as an associate member. There is no need to be a specialist programmer or be an expert in computers to be a member of this hallowed community.

Many open-source applications are used in everyday work

Every day, many people are using plenty of open source software – such as build and compiler devtools. Commercial products of similar types would cost a lot of money for the purpose of licensing. Many engineering teams today have people who are open-source enthusiasts. In any case, it is only fair to make payment for all those tools which can make e-market operations easier. WordPress and devtools like themes and plugins are the best instances for Open Source Code implementation under GPL terms.

Megaphone Devtools Club
Devtools team believe in open source solutions and support Free Software Foundation

“The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. We defend the rights of all software users.”

It is a great way to help the community

The FSF powers the GNU project, which is an assortment of lots of programs, libraries, developer tools and applications including Linux OS. The open-source tools which are used today are part of this project and helps users to do their work more easily. Thus, it is surely a good idea to contribute to FSF and support it, in order to give back as much to this community as possible. The tools that come from the FSF community are not filled with bugs and do not end up crashing. If anything is found to be wrong with any tool, or ways are found to improve the same, a huge community of developers work on that. Contributions can ensure that in case of some problems, developers can invest some time to come up with a solution. The quality is more or less amazing.

Can help promote personal freedom and privacy

As FSF is not regulated by any company, or driven by the business interests of any organization – public or private, it can contribute more easily to the society. Most of the software engineers and developers believe that open-source is the best possible way to do stuff. Many of them have a solid research background, and they use open-source tools to equip the world with knowledge. When proprietary software is used, it denies benefits and freedom to users. The makers of proprietary software are often found to track your activities and limit you from sharing information with others. FSF does not do that, and this is a big reason why it should be supported!

Use and development of open-source software

Supporting the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is important because it promotes the use and development of free and open-source software. This includes software that is freely available to use, modify, and distribute without any legal or financial restrictions. The FSF advocates for the use of free and open-source software as a way to promote personal and community empowerment, as well as to protect digital rights and freedoms. Additionally, the FSF works to ensure that the use of free and open-source software is respected in government and corporate settings. By supporting the FSF, individuals and organizations can help to ensure that the use and development of free and open-source software continues to be a viable and important option for people around the world.

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