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Why Woocommerce is the Best Platform to Sell Digital Goods?

sell digital goods using woocommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is available for free, and can be used for the sale all kinds of products, subscriptions, memberships, bookings etc. It can be used for selling all types of goods, whether digital or physical. While it allows create and manage web store, WooCommerce is regarded as one of the best eCommerce platform today for the sale of web commerce goods or digital goods online. Find out why this is so.

WooCommerce Pricing

Free of cost

The plugin is a free, and can be used by almost anyone. The only thing that you will need is a WordPress website that needs a web hosting account and a domain name. WooCommerce is free itself, although you might like to pay for additional functionalities. You might like to buy a premium WooCommerce theme or purchase a few premium plugins. High performance WordPress hosting is recommended. Consider use cloud, VPS, dedicated server or other reliable solutions. Cheap shared hosting may cause issues and usually has limitations on hardware resources, running php code, web engine settings configuraion.

WooCommerce install and configuration

Ease of use

You can use WooCommerce very easily. There is a full Woo Commerce tutorial that you can use to begin using it for web commerce sales. Other than this, there are lots of videos on YouTube and other sites as well as help and FAQ articles in many third party websites that can come to your rescue whenever you are stuck with a problem in understanding the platform. Keep in mind that it can also integrate easily with all your existing tools. It is possible to integrate WooCommerce with many platforms for client management, accounting, payment processing and email marketing.

Woocommerce Customization and Infinite Scalability

Many extensions and plugins

You can find plenty of extensions and plugins for WooCommerce that can be added and used easily. Many of these come free of cost, or at least have a version that is free of cost. There is a huge library of extensions to choose plugins from, and a large database of experts. You can find it easy to create custom solutions for the particular type of audience that you wish to attract. Even without installing any extension, you can be able to make recommendations for associated services and extend upgraded service plans to customers as they check your store out.

Woocommerce online store design

Pretty templates and themes

You can make your website look more professional with many amazing templates for WooCommerce. These can help attract buyers and improve sales in your stores. It is possible to create almost any design and add unlimited number of functionalities to your site. WooCommerce makes it easier to list and display all your services in an eye-catching way. Customers can come to your store, filter the results and search out what they are exactly trying to find.

Take payments with the provider that right for you

Payment gateways

There are plenty of payment gateways available for Woo Commerce as add-ons. These include some of the best payment services. Customers can find it easier to pay you. Now with the help of WooCommerce, you may sell digital goods and services just sending a link or Email to your clients. They can check the message out on their phone or PC regardless of their location.

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