Establish Your Own Hosting Company with WordPress

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Do you want to start your own hosting business? Owning a hosting company can be highly rewarding and profitable, but the hassles are less than running almost any other business. This is because the startup costs are less. However, you first need to pay some money before seeing some profits, offer support to customers who come from a non-technical background and obviously, concentrate on the marketing aspect. Here are some tips to help you set up a your own hosting company with WordPress.

Collating ideas and planning

First, you would like to come up with a good and attractive name for your business. Determine how many people you would like to work for you, whether there would be any extra services that you will offer other than web hosting – such as selling web designs, selling domains and the like.

Advertising and Marketing are an important aspects that you need to consider while setting up a hosting business, particular if you have been a latecomer. You can find plenty of companies doing that. However, you need to think of ingenious ways to draw the attention of customers. You need to provide them with enough reason on why they should opt for your products.

Consider the Plans and Pricing

Think about how you would provide customers with support – through 24/7 live chat, email or phone calls. Register for advertising networks such as Google Adwords and get customers in more numbers from around the world. Pick a support system, payment gateways (Credit Card, PayPal, Stripe), billing software (WHMCS or Clientexec) etc of your own. It is important to take all these things into consideration while setting up your business.

Purchase a Reseller or VPS Hosting

You do not have to purchase a dedicated server or cloud resources of your own and spend enough time for its installation. Just choose a VPS or Reseller package from the Reseller program of Devtools Club. In this case, shared hosting will not be effective. It is highly advisable that you try out these, as you can get free billing software and client software from Devtools. You can also avail:

  • Control over DNS
  • Migration and Free site transfer
  • Unlimited accounts and traffic
  • Nvme or SSD based server, which can give 1000% boost to speed

You can also get plenty of other features for free, which you would have to pay otherwise. You can also get the opportunity to set price on varied packages.

WordPress Hosting Theme

As you try to establish a hosting agency with WordPress, you can find many readymade WordPress hosting themes available for use. Most of these can be integrated with WHMCS.

Organize everything for hosting company

This is the final step. Until now, you had many plans and ideas on growing your hosting agency, a professional WordPress hosting theme and a Reseller server. Such things should come together and assist you in setting up your own online hosting business from home or from any other spot that you are comfortable working from.

You have to arrange everything and take care of each aspect properly, to be able to set your business up.

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