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As a WordPress blogger, you might be wondering how you can make some additional income from the platform? You are not alone. The biggest publishing platform on the web, WordPress is the driving source for more than 30% of all sites. If you are looking for ways to make some extra income with WordPress, apart from monetizing your WP blog content, there are various avenues to do so. Here are a few ways that you may try.

Develop and offer WP themes and plugins

You can also create themes and plugins for WordPress, and offer them for use at a price. WordPress is made so powerful and flexible due to the availability of plugins, which work similar to apps. Plugins can help you in extending as well as modifying WP website features, and there is a great demand for 3rd party plugins as well. You can have a membership plan for users to sign up and pay for, to get access to plugins and themes with no download restrictions or any limitations on priority support. This is a smart way to make some decent extra income with the WordPress platform. After you have created premium plugins, you can sell them on your own WP site or on a website such as the MOJO Marketplace.

Set up a Job Marketplace website

A job marketplace, as compared to a standard job listings site, can help you make money from every listing. UpWork and Fiverr are two of the biggest job marketplace websites that can be found today. You may develop and promote a job marketplace as a small employment platform for everyone who is working in the same niche. You can choose an extremely specific niche to make your job marketplace more competitive. It can allow you to easily find professionals and customers who cannot use major platforms due to a lot of irrelevant competition.

Paid Business Directory for Extra Income

Online directories might take you back in time to the early days of the internet, but these are not entirely down and out today. While there might b no more need for standard web directories, niche and local directories can be very assistive. Directories can gather local business reviews, list the best items in a specific niche or share the most useful podcasts on a specific subject. With the help of online tutorials, you can develop a web directory easily in WordPress. It is also possible to find many WordPress directory plugins or themes to pick from like Web Directory plugin, Directory Pro, Simple Link Directory Pro and other products listed on Devtools club. with many of these letting you accept payments for each submission.

Set up a Paid Membership Website

You can also create a paid membership on your WordPress site, and have the audience pay some money to access exclusive areas or content in your website. For making some extra income you may create:

  • Restricted Members Only websites
  • Private Forum
  • Questions and answers community website

You will need to invest some time and effort, and wait for some months or even years, to build a large community. Once you have done that, you can monetize the content that is user-generated, with the help of affiliate ads, Google AdSense ads and other avenues. Look at the Fast Crypto or CryptoX websites as good instances for this case.

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