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Why Yoast Became the Leading Plugin for SEO?

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Yoast is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress SEO plugins that can be found today. Any online marketer using WordPress, in order to achieve high search engine rankings, need to configure Yoast in a proper way and get the most assistive plugins that can help him in search engine optimization. There are plenty of varieties that one can pick from, but the WordPress SEO by Yoast became the leading SEO plugin for multiple reasons.

Meta tags

Post titles and Meta description are the main advantages. When you create or update a page, post, product you can get a box where you can fill the keywords, description and title of your target. You can, above this, also get a preview about how the text would look like for anyone on the search results pages. ‘Meta robots’ settings happen to be another amazing feature that this plugin offers. It can be particularly useful when you wish to exclude some pages and posts from getting indexed by search engines. If you want to set this up, check out the meta box ‘Advanced’ tab. You can get quite a few options for adjusting every post that you make.

Canonical URLs

If you are concerned about duplicate content posting online, Yoast’s canonical URLs feature can be very useful. In this part, you can mention whether a specific URL would direct to a particular page or would be allowed to stay blank. In case of the latter option, the default permalinks settings would be used.


Permalinks refer to the permanent URLs of the posts and pages that are there in your website. In WordPress, the default permalinks setting does not appear to be user friendly. It has to be optimized when you have to set up your website. It is taken slightly higher by the WordPress SEO tool, which lets you optimize the permalinks even more. It many cases, websites that link to your blog or site do not use clear links structures. When you carry out a few small edits and adjustments in this SEO plugin, you can be assured that the links to the pages of your website use the kind of structure that you exactly desire.


Breadcrumbs have an entirely varied significance in WordPress SEO. These provide visitors with convenience to check out your blog. You can also get extra SEO advantages, such as offering more keywords to all the search engines that you are ranking for. When you change your breadcrumbs title settings, you can have the option to change your breadcrumb title that is allotted by default to your post title.

Leading SEO plugin

All in all, the Yoast plugin can be very useful for you in optimizing your site and getting optimal results. For getting the optimal result, depending on your website niche and content type Yoast released extensions for the Free Plugin.

  • Yoast SEO Premium adds new functionality and much simplify internal links building process
  • Yoast SEO for WooCommerce optimizes your website structure providing to search engines full updated information regarding ecommerce website data.
  • Yoast Local SEO optimize for a local audience in search if you sell physical goods and most of your clients located in the same area.
  • Yoast Video SEO helps to show your website videos in Search results and promoting it to higher rank and positions
  • Yoast News SEO makes separate sitemap for instant updates for search engines about new publications, allows submit your site to Google news

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